Parking brake for QLA 50i/100i/200i/300i

Pneumatic parking brake can be applied to Quick Lift Arm (QLA) in weight classes 50, 100, 200 and 300 kg.
The parking brake is designed to optimize and streamline the operator’s daily work. With manual pushbutton on the control unit, the operator selects when the folding crane is to be activated or deactivated from a stationary position, creating the conditions for more precarious work.
The parking brake function is activated and deactivated via an additional button on the control unit.
The product consists of two units, one inner and one outer brake.
Inner brake; Brake choke is added and the existing end plate is used. For the outer brake there is an extra disc and a brake pad added.
Not sold separately – but only with a new Quick-Lift Arm.

Technical information

Applicable to
Quick-Lift Arm 50i/100i/200i/300i

Main functions
– The parking function is activated or deactivated through a single button push on the control unit
– The function is maintained active until the operator change the function
– Able to stop the Manipulator Arm at the desired position

Consists of
Two brakes
– Two brakes at the fixed rails in X-direction and one at the moving rail in Y-direction

– Ergonomic beneficial for operator by minimizing rapid decelerations