Industrial Cranes are in use in almost all type of industrie. Company Ilirik d.o.o. can take complete engineering, production and assembling. We can take complete project and deliver it on key.

Crane engineered by customer requests

Bridge crane is most common crane in industry we can recognize one bridge or two bridge cranes. Bridge crane can cover complete production and can be driven by tablo control or radio control unit. Crane WLL can be adjusted to customer requests and to construction limits.

In our company we can offer you production and assembling of:

– Bridge crane
– Light bridge crane
– Portal crane
– Jib crane.

Industrial Crane
cantilever lift

Jib crane for serving

Jib crane is mostly in use for serving work space. Almost immposible is imagine work space with out Jib crane which can be very usefull for serving different type machinary or production line. It can be adjusted to customer demands like pillar height and arm lenght. The WLL of crane also is part of demand as well as equipment for lifting.

Light bridge crane is mostly in use because of economic decision for use in large specter manipulation of material. We can offer you different kind of equipment for crane such as Electro manipulator – smart crane or with standard chain hoist with controler.

Realiable partner for lifting technique

Portal crane is most useful service crane for macro location area can be operating on rails or on wheels. That means that can easily be modved to different location. Can be equiped with Electro manipulator for more sofisticated manipulation or with standard chain hoist with controler.

Call us if you need reliable partner in lifting equipment and technique. We can offer you also equipment bellow the hook with proffesional gripper your manipulation will be even easier. For equipment which we produce by our salves we are experts for magnetic grippers, electro-magnetic grippers, vacuum and pneumatic grippers and mechanical grippers.

Let us cerry for your lifting equipment. You can rely on us!

Portal crane