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QDC - Quick die change systems are used in die cut industry: optimization flexibility application, increasing production capacities.

Reducing production time with reducing of changing time of the mold that is non producing time of your machine. With optimization you are open the window to new possibilities adjusting to the customers. QDC systems will not just lower your costs with fast investment return you will become inconceivable more competitive, safer and friendly to the employee.

QDC – Quick Die Change / SMED Program

Decision for choosing QDC system is usually result of useful JIT (Just in Time) production standard. JIT is production standard to ensure the right quantity of products in specific timeframe. With reduction scrap products and with no machine jam.  Long changes of Molds are 100% lost. SMED system (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) offer you to reduce wasteful change at only few minutes operation.

Complete QDC solutions


QDC pre-rollers

QDC 36e-2

Standardize the height of sealing and fastening height

Standardization the height of sealing the mold will increase the exchange prevent confusion and help for more safety adjustment. If one standard height is not possible try to minimize their number. This is key element for optimization of production. The possibility to standardized hydraulic locks is also very important if that is not possible we are also offering you magnetic clamping.

Depreciation of investments (ROI)

To provide QDC system functioning in your company you must have clear idea about goal which you want to achieve. The award for that is dramatic! We are offering you detailed calculation and consultation which will help you to choose the best R.O.I. solution. Reducing production costs to increasing competitive area. The formula will show which are your priority investments which you can do with time reimbursement choosing by your selves!

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