QDC systems

QDC – Quick die change systems are used in the sheet metal forming industry – sheet metal forming presses: optimization of application flexibility, increase of production capacities.

QDC – Quick Die Change

Fast shift systems lower manufacturing costs by reducing the changeover time, the unproductive time of your presses. Optimization allows for faster adaptation to market and customer requirements. QDC systems will not only reduce your manufacturing cost at a quick return of investment, it will make you more competitive and make your production much safer and employee-friendly.

The adoption of a QDC program is usually the result of a switch to a useful JIT (Just-In-Time) manufacturing system. JIT is the production of precisely the necessary quantity at the right time, with the objective to achieve the lowest possible number of rejects and prevent bottlenecks. Long changeover times are a 100% loss.

qdc with tools

Standardize shut height and clamping height

Standardization of the clamping height will speed up die changes, prevent confusion and lead to safer set-up. If one standard clamping height is not possible, it is imperative for the production optimization that the number of clamping heights is minimized. The possibility of standardizing the hydraulic clamping locations to allow the use of fixed clamps is very important. If that is not possible, we offer magnetic clamping as a solution.