End effectors

In addition to our standard end effectors, we design special solutions entirely adapted to each item being lifted.

Standard end effectors of Binar

So far, we have manufactured over 6,000 different pneumatic, magnetic, mechanical or vacuum powered end effectors. The end effector completes the ergonomic lifting solution and ensures that the lift is safe, precise and efficient. Even when making our initial sketches, the end effector is a central part of the solution and can easily be combined with tilting and rotation functions.

End effectors of Binar for NEO 30

NEO 30 sets the new standard of lifting goods in a fast and easy way.
This innovative product was developed to meet an existing challenge on the market, with the level of quality, safety and user-friendliness, which are characteristic of the expert knowledge of Binar’s team.

How does an End Effector work?

The end effector or gripper is used to handle different objects. How they are designed depends on what is to be handled, but the purpose is always to make the handling efficient and easy.
Various gripping techniques are used for gripping devices. Mechanic, magnetic grippers or vacuum grippers. A gripper has a certain lifting capacity which is also affected by the properties of the hoisting object. For all grippers it is important that they are easy to use, reliable and safe. They should be carefully crafted and carefully tested. With high quality and long lasting durability, they also become a cost-effective solution.
Binar Handling offers various types of standard end effectors that can be mounted in the Quick-Lift system.
Magnetic gripping means operate with a pneumatically controlled magnet. With a simple press of the button on the control handle, you activate and deactivate the end effector.
The vacuum grippers are energy efficient, which is beneficial to the environment. By installing them in electric lifting gear, they…