Automation and robotics

Automation and robotics is the most important activity of our company. Production automation for your company can now be in our hands, robotic arm and grippers as well as smart tools.

Robotska prijemala


Vakuumske in pnematske komponente

Hidravlični in pnevmatski magneti

Production automation

Based on years of experience, we develop and manufacture grippers for robots and process automation, as well as smart tools that are increasingly automated and multifunctional in modern machines. Grippers for robotic arms, which are custom made by Ilirik, allow manipulation with workpieces or adjustment of position during different production processes.

The so-called automation grippers and smart tools play an extremely important role in many industries. They are used in the automation of different processes, which contributes to considerable time and cost savings. Robotic grippers can therefore significantly improve the manufacturing process, and are worth investing in.

Automation and robotics
production automation

Avtomatizacija in robotika ter robotska roka

Different principles or technologies can be used to make robotic arm grippers. At Ilirik we manufacture the following types of grippers for automation and smart tools:

– electromagnets,
– pneumatic magnets,
– hydraulic magnets,
– magnetic systems,
– mechanical-pneumatic magnetic systems,
– vacuum grippers,
– mechanical grippers.

We approach each new project and challenge with commitment and passion. Before production begins, we carefully discuss all the options with our customers and based on an analysis of their needs also advise them on the most appropriate solution. We fully adapt to your requirements and, if necessary, at the end of production, make sure that appropriate testing or simulation of all functions is carried out, confirming that the manufactured grippers for automation and smart tools are reliable and compliant with the intended application.