Mechanical grippers

Clamping with mechanical grippers, clamps and unconventional grippers.

Various mechanical grippers

Clamping with various mechanical grippers for thick sheet metal, various windings and other loads is a reliable, safe and versatile form of manipulation. They also represent an important economical alternative to magnetic grippers. We individually design the mechanical clamping grippers and lifting systems, prepare the necessary documentation and deliver to order for the purpose of updating or optimizing any production process in the industry.
We offer spare parts for all of our equipment and perform regular technical inspections and services.

mechanical grippers

Mechanical grippers are made to partner orders. We supply large systems as well as smaller ones. Mechanical grippers are extremely versatile, different designs allow the manipulation of different types of load.

unconventional grippers

We also manufacture unconventional grippers for which we also prepare complete documentation. Different grippers for different products.

lifting systems for different windings

Lifting systems for different windings are a cost-effective alternative to similar magnetic grippers. Check to see which system suits your needs best.