Magnetic grippers

Permanent magnetic grippers and electromagnetic systems.

magnetic grippers

Permanent magnetic grippers are a basic tool in every workplace. It facilitates lifting workpieces, tools, products… For a longer product life, we recommend buying magnets by higher-end manufacturers. We offer permanent magnetic grippers with a 125 kg to 6000 kg pull force and special versions for vertical lifting.

electro-permanent gripper

Electro-permanent magnetic grippers are easy to use and extremely safe, as possible power failures do not affect their functionality. We also offer powerful systems on support rails, with a capacity of up to 10t. Advanced systems feature the battery-power option.

magnetic grippers

Electromagnetic manipulation allows the transfer of the heaviest and largest loads. We provide optimization of the manipulation system according to your requirements. From transfers of flat and rolled sheet metal, bulk material, bundles of pipes or solid iron to special lifting systems. Advanced technology allows for complete parameterization, multifunctionality and easy radio or cabin control.

special magnetic systems attached to an excavator

Special magnetic systems enable can be attached to and work with various machines such as forklifts, backhoe loaders, robots, HIAB lifts … The functionality of the magnet is determined by the medium we want to transfer or separate.