Robotic grippers

The various robotic grippers we manufacture at Ilirik enable gripping, moving or retention of different products and parts, regardless of their shape and weight, for safe and easy transportation from one end of the warehouse to the other, in production or elsewhere.

Purpose-built robotic grippers

Purpose-built robotic grippers enable the automation of production and other work processes, with numerous implementation options tailored to your needs. 

We provide you with all the support and advice you need to choose the right solution, and with experience, know-how and an in-house development team, help you build robotic grippers for automation. At Ilirik, we take care of both design and construction as well as production and proper testing and simulation of functions, assembly and servicing, so we can be your one point of contact for all the services. Above all, we make sure our robotic grippers are manufactured with the proper care and accuracy, as this is a basic and essential prerequisite for their smooth operation.

robotic grippers
Vacuum gripper

Vacuum gripper

Vacuum technology is primarily used to manipulate various non-magnetic materials. For our customers we also produce suction cups and vacuum gripper grips for robotics and automation. The design is adapted to the project in accordance with the planned load, and then the suction cups are adjusted to ensure that the manipulation is as reliable as possible.

Vacuum manipulation is used where magnets cannot be used or the grip would not be sufficiently secure. This concerns mainly non-magnetic metals, plastics, wood, glass, as well as complex shapes that are difficult to manipulate with other grippers. Using a vacuum gripping technique is a good choice also when it comes to working with irregular shaped workpieces, as we tailor the whole gripper to your clamp. Vacuum grippers are therefore an indispensable tool in any production line, warehouse or anywhere else where displacement of a variety of materials is required.

Mechanical grippers

Where magnet and vacuum technology cannot be used, mechanical grippers are used. For this purpose we manufacture mechanical grippers of any dimension. Their use is versatile, and there are different designs to choose from. Control is usually pneumatic, but can also be done with electric motors or hydraulics, depending on your requirements. We can also produce different combination systems that will precisely meet your individual needs.