Tool carts

Manipulation of plastic injection tools.

Transport of all types of tools

Transporting tools from the warehouse to the workplace is an extremely important cycle. Whilst fast transport minimizes the loss of time, it also has to be as safe as possible, since various accidents can occur during this time, causing (in the best case scenario) material damage, which can nevertheless be significant. We offer carts of various designs for tools of various sizes with preheating and cooling systems. For even greater optimization, we recommend double carts, which simultaneously carry new tools and minimize loss of time. All carts can be equipped with preheating and cooling systems, allowing your machine to start immediately. Transporting smaller tools is usually easier and safer but can be a weak link when you are facing space constraints and still want a fast transport, thus resulting in errors and accidents. We recommend carts that are specially designed for smaller tools. The carts are light, simple, and above all, safe. Due fast production changes, it often happens that the old way of transporting tools is no longer possible or is made difficult. In such cases carts that are specially adapted to your needs are indispensable. They range from pallet to forklift carts with the option to insert tools into the machine horizontally or vertically.