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To choose the right material for your product is the key for good product and production. Company Ilirik advice, optimize and deliver magnetic materials which meets your needs. We cooperate with producers all over the World we participate on professional seminars which follow the latest technologies. We try to participate at new products, renewable resources where we can offer you technical support.

magnetna ruda

Rare earth magnets are state of the art products which are in use in many products. Complex production technology is offering many grades with different specifics, different anti-corrosion protections and almost endless shapes.

permanentni magneti


Plastic bonded NdFeB
Plastic bonded Ferites
– Ferites cores
– Carbon cores

magnetni sistem

We are also producing:

- magnetic systems
– magnetic bars
– magnetic rails

We adjust the product to customer it can also be built in complex shape. Use of magnetic materials and products is intended for different industries from automotive, white goods, wood and metal industry. In latest time we  pay a lot of attention to renewable resources and recycle technology.

Elektro magnet

- Electro magnets

With own R&D and strong team we produce Electro-Magnets by your demand. We produce Electro-Magnets in all main power and field strenght. We advise you, optimize, do the testings so you can get a magnet that you need. Use of Electro-Magnets offers you Automatization of your production. That is the future of Industry 4.0!


- Pneumatic magnets

Automatization and Robotics can not be imagine without Pneumatic.Magnets anymore. Depand on your needs our R&D department create the solution and we produce Pneumatic-Magnet wich fit your application!

hidravlični magnet

- Hydraulic magnets

Wherever Pneumatic is not enough we recommend Hydraulic-Magnets. Magnets support by Hydraulic can manage the bigest strenghts and loads. We also use the Hydraulic where high temperature are present.

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