Clamping for machine tools

Electromagnetic tables and quick clamping for machine tools result in time savings, higher productivity and greater safety. Easy use and optimization of the machine only further justify the investment.

Magnetic table and other SMED clamps

Depending on the type of processing and workpieces, we recommend the most suitable SMED clamping system for your needs. We also offer installation, service and spare parts for all our equipment. The fast clamping system in our offer provides permanent, vacuum, EP and electromagnetic tables and mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic grippers, which are individually adapted to each industrial process separately. Based on our professional experience, our company advises on the most suitable technical solutions for fast systems that are highly economical, reliable and safe for the user. In addition to consulting, we also perform installation, technical inspections and service for all high-speed clamping systems, permanent, vacuum, EP and electro-magnetic tables, and we also supply spare parts for all high-speed SMED clamping systems.

electro-permanent magnetic chuck

Workplace optimization

Due to high quality materials and advanced technical solutions, our equipment boasts long service life, easy use, and reliable safety for the operator. Additionally, it offers optimization to your SMED workplace and adds value to the company and the product! The SMED system (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) allows you to reduce wasteful changeover time to just a few minutes of operation.

Our clamping systems:

  • Permanent magnetic chuck
  • EP magnetic chuck

  • Electromagnetic chuck

  • Vacuum tables

  • Mechanical clamps

  • Hydraulic clamps

  • Pneumatic grippers