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QMC- Quick mold change systems for clamping the molds on inkjet plastic machines: reduce changing times, increase productivity, reduce costs. QMC systems increase production time becouse of reducing the change time of the mold they also give you more flexible respond to the market. With optimization of working space gives you secondary costs reduce if you previous need two workers on one machine or maybe even three will now one do the job.

We are offering next QMC solutions:

  • Clamping; magnetic, hydraulic, mechanic
  • Multi-couplers
  • ejector couplers
  • Mould manipulation
  • Pre-heating

What you will get with our equipment:

  • Increased productivity of working space
  • Reduced storage
  • Reduced equipment need it
  • Increased flexibility
  • Quicker respond to the market
  • Increased safety

QMC clamping

hidravlično vpenjanje

QMC Pressmag

K Pressmag LP 1

Change of mold in less then 3 minutes

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