Hand manipulators

Intelligent and electric lifting equipment designed to meet the highest standards of productivity, safety and workplace ergonomics for production companies in the automotive, food and engineering industries.

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End effectors

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Hand manipulators are made from UHSS steel

Our lifting devices are designed for loads up to 600 kg. The manipulator arms meet the highest standards of ergonomics and provide highly increased efficiency. They are often mounted on floor pillars but can also be suspended from the ceilling.

The arms have an ultra lightweight design made of thin but extremely strong ultra high strength steel (UHSS), with low mass and are, therefore, very easy to use. Our manipulator arms create the best conditions for an ergonomic beneficial work environment.

All the expert knowledge required to combine efficiency and ergonomics is incorporated in our control handle. The lifting device is literally an extension of the movement of your hand and arm, minimal hand strength is required to lift up to 600 kg smoothly and with the highest degree of precision. This means that no one needs to suffer repetitive strain injuries due to heavy lifting. The control handles are available in several different configurations and the swivel, is standard for all our control handles.

Hand manipulators

Industrial manipulators for lifting the load with hightech

It is all about creating efficient production processes without compromising your company´s greatest asset: its employees. Our lifting devices are good long-term investment. In every way.

End Effectors

In addition to our standard end effectors, we design special solutions uniquely adapted to each item being lifted. All safety-critical parts of the control system are duplicated or monitored. Our industry-unique technical solution means that the risk of equipment errors and mistakes is extremely low. This means increased safety for you as an operator. The end effector completes the ergonomic lifting solution and ensures that the lift is safe, precise and efficient.