QLA 50i OM

Intelligent lifting device which meets the highest standards of ergonomics, working environment, safety and efficiency.
Unique integrated mechanical, electric, pneumatic swivel simplifies use and minimizes maintenance.
Easy to use thanks to outstanding responsiveness, regardless of load weight.
Exceptional safety achieved using our intelligent control systems.
The best auto balance available regardless of load weight.
High reliability and low power consumption results in superior cost efficiency.

Technical information

Lifting capacity: Max 50 kg.

Working area
Max recommended working radius = 2700 mm
Min recommended working radius = 500 mm

Stroke length
2,7 meter.

Lift motor
Stepless servo-controlled asynchronous motor.

Power supply
230V, 50-60 Hz, 1-phase with ground protection, 10A.

Hinged arm
Arm profiles in Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS).
Standard length 3 m.

The arm is designed with a flange that is to be mounted to a mating flange in the overhead steel structure.
Please contact your distributor for a copy of the technical demands for the overhead steel structure.
The demands in original is included in the documentation and covers maximum loads and maximum acceptable deflections of the overhead steel.

Manoeuvring is done with Binar Handling’s ­patented control handle.
Only a small force is needed to engage the up/down motion.
When the operator let go of the handle, the up/down motion is ­immediately stopped.

End effector
End effectors are designed to fit customers need. ­
Intelligent I/O signals are available for optimum functionality

– Middle link, 200 mm for triple hinged arm.
Note: The maximum working radius does not increase.
– Pneumatic parking brake for arm. The brake function is activated via a manual push button on the control handle.