NEO 30 operator interface

With a easy and quick installation the NEO 30 can be installed in most common rail system. Just attaching the swivel to the trolley or an eyebolt and the NEO 30 is set for use. No need of adding space and cost consuming media supply – the NEO 30 is equipped with a battery as the single energy source.
The NEO 30 can handle goods up to 30kg with a safe and precise movement from the operators hand.
Together with the NEO 30 a wide variety of standardized end effectors are provided as options.
Smart-lifting for everyone!

Technical information

Lifting Capacity: 30kg

Weight: 7,5kg

Dimensions (h,w,d): 410×132×107mm

Power supply: delivered with two batteries including charger

Button functions: ON/OFF

Swivel: mechanical swivel with continuous rotation

Main functions: easy up and down movement of control handle supporting operator

The complete package includes: NEO 30, Swivel, Adapter, Charger, Two batteries, Mechanical Hook, Product manual

Options: standard end effectors with quick connect for easy install and use