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Separating systems

magnetna rešetka1

Plastic, wood, food, colors and other similar industries; magnetic grids, magnetic rods. Avoid expensive repairs and stand production those equipment is highly recommended.

Filter magnet

Magnetic filters are used similar as magnetic grids except that their composition is more complex. They are also for filtering very small iron parts. Cleaning is simple and you will lose all the problems.

eddy curent separator

Magnetic roller for drive or magnetic drum are excellent equipment for separating materials on convey systems. Production is by customer request. We care about nature so we offer also sophisticated Eddy Current separators which are high technology products and offers you complete separation of ferro-magnetic metals from non ferrous metals and  plastic.

We are reliable partner for effective separation systems. Always find best solution and take whole project if necessary. 

magnetni separator

Permanent or Electro magnetic in-box magnets for separation under conveyor. Dimension and strength of magnets are specified by customer request.


Overband magnetic separators with self cleaning system are many years indispensable equipment only they became more sophisticated considering energy saving and use of better materials for long life work. We are offering different system; electro, permanent or combined systems. With metal detectors those systems are state of the art.

Coolant filter

Filters for cooling emulsion has 99% effective cleaning results in liquid medium. Emulsion treatment have important means of renewable resources. Usually emulsion is also quiet expensive so this is another reason to clean it and reuse it. There are many different filters from small to big ones which can cover several machines together.

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