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Robotic Clamping

We are producing several types of Robotic clamps. Our products are with customer`s help state of the art. Different technologys help`s to pick up, put down, rotate, hold etc. products  without a problem.



Electro magnets are mostly used in robotic arm operations. When we are dealing with steel the best choice to clamp it is Electro magnet. We produce Electro magnetic clamps in different shapes and different Volts from 12V to 380V. Compering with other clamps Electro magnets has the heighest strenght. We can offer you also UPS back up battery system.



Vacuum Grippers for robotic arms are customized regarding your demand. We are using different suction pads for different loads. When we have to manipulate not-magnetic materials or we are dealing with complex shape we recomend Vacuum Gripper. In scope we can offer you also Vacuum generator for safty action.



Pneumatic and hydraulic magnets are using air and oil for their functionalety. Technology is using permanent magnets so they are totaly safe to use without any back up. Hydraulic clamps are used when we need larger force for manipulation havier loads.



Special solutions for smart tools and complex shape production are made in cooperation with our customers. That is why are our products state of the art. We are offering you advising, test device production and simulation. Our Gripper is your`s robot higher value!

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