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Mold cars

na tirnicah

Transport of mold from storage system to the machine is very important. Quick transport minimize time lost in exchange cycle but as well must be safe for the user because accidents mostly happened in this part. Because we don`t want that to happened we offer you different type of cars. Different dimensions with pre-heating or cooling systems if necessary.

dvojni voziček

For even more optimized system we recommended cars for two molds. That kind of cars don`t have to do two ways and even more reduce the lost time. All cars can be equipped with pre-heaters or cooling system for instant work on a machine.


Transport of smaller molds are usually easier and safer but when you have space problems and you need quick operation that can be week part which lead to human mistake and with that to accident. We are recommending cars for smaller molds which are safe, light and easy to use.

paletni voziček

Because of continuously changes in production many times happened that old transport system don`t function any more. There you can use special cars they are adjusted for such use. From fork Lifting systems to pallet lifters for entry the machine vertical or horizontal.

Mold manipulation

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