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Magnetic clamping


Permanent magnetic lifters are basic tool for manipulating at every workplace. It is the easiest way for manipulation of steel material, components, molds, etc. For long life use we recommended you to buy quality products. We are offering you permanent magnetic lifters for different applications and in different WLL. From 125kg – 6000kg.


Electro-permanent magnetic lifters are easy for use yet very complicated technology. They are very safety because they do not need constant power supply. We are offering you also powerful systems on beams up to 10t. Advanced systems offers also battery supply.


Electro-magnetic manipulation allows the heaviest and the biggest manipulation. According to your needs we optimize system which you need for your manipulation. From flat to bundles from scrap to rolls and special lifting systems. Advanced technology offer complete parameterization multi function and easy radio command or cabin operation.

lifting electromagnet type MW5

Special magnetic systems allow you to connect the equipment on different kind of machinery like; fork lifters, Robots, Trenchers, etc. The function of magnets is specified according to material which we want to manipulate.

Electro-magnetic manipulation

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